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Adeeba Akhtar, MD

 Adeeba Akhtar MD is a Board Certified Physician in Family Medicine & Geriatric Medicine. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas. Then She has completed Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine from University of Texas, San Antonio. Her goal is to educate patients, improve health care system, Keep the families healthy, and keep the seniors out of hospitals and nursing homes. She is the leading Physician in Texas Family & Senior Care Clinic in Houston she on of the certified Geriatric Doctors Houston.

Maria Perez, APN

Mrs. Maria Perez is an Advance Practice Nurse (Nurse Practitioner), Takes care of patients in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and the clinic. She is a Graduate of University of Texas, Houston. Her goal is to keep the seniors healthy and active.  

Lucy Osazee, APN

 Mrs. Lucy Osazee is an advance practice nurse (Nurse Practitioner), takes care of patients in Clinic, Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Her goal is to educating the patients and keeping them healthy to avoid serious episodes.   

Kristi Noielo, APN

 Mrs. Kristi Nielo is an advance practice nurse taking care of patients in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. She is a graduate of University of Texas, Houston. Her goal is to keep the seniors active and healthy.