Family & Senior Care Doctor Houston, Adeeba Akhtar, MD Services


Detail services

1. Annual Physical

2. Immunization

3. Chronic Care Management

4. Hypertension

5. Diabetes

6. Kidney Issues

7. Heart Failure

8. Stroke Patient Care

9. Hospital Care

10. Nursing Home Care

11. Alzheimer/Dementia screening and Management

12. Senior Care

13. Palliative Care

14. Hospice Care 

Testings, Studies & Labs

1. ANS testing

2. Ultrasounds - Venous, Arterial, and Carotid doppler

3. Diabetic retina screening

4. Metabolic Rate testing (RMR)

5. Allergy Testing 

6. Blood Testing

7. Toxicology

8. Dementia & Alzheimer Screening

9. Depression screening

10. Brain Mapping

 All of the testing are done at Texas Family & Senior Care Clinic in Houston.


  " Dr. Adeeba Akhtar is the best. I can call any time, her staff answers the phone. I can get refill even in the weekend. Other Doctors offices close at 5:00 pm. No one answers the phone until next day or monday after weekend. Her office answer the phone even in weekend. "

" I was with mom in Dr Akhtars office.It was a wonderful experience.she took so much time to listen to my mom and my concerns.I never found a doctor so caring for patient.I have changed our pcp.She helped me to understand why my mom was going through all the problems.She has an excellent bedside manner.and she is very cautious in prescribing medicine.Im very grateful finally someone paying attention to what pts say. "  

Free Immunizations for Seniors

 Flu Season is Here. We provide free immunization one week a month. Call us for information. 

Texas Medicaid and Medicare Plans

 Although some practices are not accepting Medicaid & Medicare anymore for low reimbursement, we welcome all Medicaid and Medicare Plans.